HomeBorn Health, Inc. is a family-oriented service. Our goal is to facilitate the growth of healthy families, both physically and emotionally. We combine the best of the appropriate medical practices and time-honored traditions of the midwife in helping a woman give birth in a safe, healthy, nurturing environment. We promotethe bonding of the mother, the father and any siblings with the new baby. We adjust every birth as much as is safely possible to allow the mother to labor and deliver her baby as she wishes. We continue her care to enable breast feeding to promote the physical and psychological benefits for both mother and baby. We further continue the care of the whole family by providing gynecological services for women, infant exams, school physicals for children, and physical exams for other members of the family, including men. A full range of lab exams, including pap smears and ultrasounds is available. Dietary counseling is offered, which includes discussion of appropriate foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs and other supplements, with the incorporation of exercise. Loving discipline and family relations may be discussed and a number of books and tapes may be suggested, as well as appropriate referrals to counselors or other health care professionals when requested or as necessary.